Saturday, 24 January 2015

Still loving... the 90's nude....

AKA the lip colour that drove me crazy as a teenager, why? because back in the 90's it was impossible to get your hands on an actual nude colour lipstick that wasn't some shade of Brown in the drugstore and as I was a tween from the countryside and had yet to discover the delights of the MAC lipstick stand (you should have seen how fast the shade 'Blankety' was in my kung fu grip when I did!) it felt like I was forever on the hunt for my perfect creamy pale nude.

Nowadays we are lucky enough to have an abundance of nude shades available from Tesco's to Tom Ford they are everywhere so finally I can make my peace with the 90's nude lip and admit that it actually is a look that I am loving at the moment! 

In particular this combination, essence lip liner- 'in the nude' (top swatch) for the price (less than £3)  I'm really impressed with the creamy formula and longevity of this lip liner, that aside and back to the 90's this is the perfect tawny brown liner for a 90's nude either worn all over the lips or paired up with my recent love (bottom swatch) Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet 'Nude-ist' ahhhh if ever there was a time I was happy to be a bandwagon hopper then its every time I see my reflection and this perfect pinky toned brown nude beauty is on my lips! A quick hats off to the formula a liquid lipstick with a matte finish that packs some serious pigment and sticks around for hours, I wont go too much more into detail but if you haven't tried one of these then let me give you a gentle metaphorical nudge towards your local Boots ;) 

This is definitely my most worn lip combination of late and can see it continuing to be a favourite for the remaining winter months!

Are you loving 90's nudes? 

Friday, 2 January 2015

Topshop Glow 'polished' review

Firstly a quick nod to Topshop's simple packaging, glass pot, white lid, cute font, I love all of it.

 The formula is gorgeously creamy and blends with minimal effort, also bear in mind that a little goes a looong way so the 4g pot should last ages. I've been applying this in the usual places cheekbones, nose bridge, cupids bow, I've even thrown in a cheeky dab on my forehead and chin on a couple of occasions just for the heck of it, #wild times. 

When it comes to application an index finger works perfectly to blend it into the skin, I've also found a MAC 224 brush handy for extra control when blending on my non existent cheekbones.

Colour wise polished is a pale champagne with a pink irridesence, there's ultra fine multicoloured glitter running through it (I mean ultrafine don't be put off by it) This combination results in pure magic when the light hits! 

So to sum up, If I was to text you about this it would get an emoji thumbs up (high praise indeed)

Have you tried any of the Topshop highlighters?

Topshop glow £9 link.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

My top 3 Bourjois products

When it comes to drugstore Make-up I love me some Bourjois, I find as a general rule when drugstore cosmetic shopping , if in doubt go the Bourjois route (if you're American you will get alot more out of that sentence than the Brits, or not ahem!) because they rarely put out a disappointing product, I actually can't think of one off the top of my head although if my arm was twisted I'd have to say I'm not a huge fan of the classic 'chocolate bronzer.'

Above are my all time favourites, the one's that shall be forever repurchased.

1.Healthy mix radiance reveal foundation 

I actually love this foundation so much that I often pick it over my higher end ones. For me this is a perfect all seasons base, it blends so easily (I like to apply this with my fingers), gives light/medium coverage which can be built into a decent medium with a satin finish, the bottle claims it lasts up to16hrs which is just silly but it does stick around well I get around 5-6 hours without powder before my beautiful nose redness starts peeking through.

2.Volume one second mascara

A mascara with balls! :o Seriously though I had high hopes when I picked this up and I wasn't disappointed.The rubber brush/tiny ball combo works wonders on the awkwardness that are my mid length crossed over lashes, it gives separation, length and volume that lasts the day without smudging/flaking (I have the non waterproof version)  and although it goes without saying that the 1 second claim is just daft it does the job quickly with minimal wand wiggle-age needed.

3.Bronzing primer

I honestly thought this had a better name until just now so I shall use the French...The Bourjois base lissante soleil (better) is currently my obsession, supposedly a dupe for the much hyped Soleil tan de Chanel or whatever it's called nowadays, I never gave into that hype because I didn't think I was missing out on a mousse formula bronzing primer, how wrong was I? Although the colour and consistency are quite scary at first glance, the BLS ;) blends into the skin like a dream leaving a smooth matte base for foundation which it then lends a hand to giving a suprisingly subtle bronzed healthy finish.So far I have only used this as a primer but apparently it works well as a contour so I'm going to have to give that a go!

NB: I'll be damned if there is a base product on this planet that smells this delicious!!
NB2: I over scooped in the above swatch picture...a little goes a long way with this.

What are your favourite's from Bourjois?

Saturday, 5 April 2014

FOTD: Bourjois chocolate bronzer on the eyes?!

Hey loves, firstly sorry for using an instagram picture I've gone and lost my mind battery charger for my camera which is just fab...aaagh! Secondly I'm not too sure if FOTD's are still a thing in the blogosphere!?
 I thought I'd post this one up anyway as I was inspired by the lovely Tanya Burr's latest video where she used the Bourjois 'chocolate' bronzer to create a gorgeous gold smokey eye look for a Nicole Scherzinger tutorial and I think it's such a great idea that I wanted to share it in case you don't subscribe to Tanya's videos which I'm pretty sure 99% of you will do.

As you probably know from my last post I am really into bronze eye make-up at the moment and have been sticking to the same look for weeks now, I won't call it a rut because I've been loving wearing it but switching up products is always quite refreshing, almost theraputic does anyone else find that? I used the chocolate bronzer as a base all over the lid and then took a purple toned brown out of the MUA heaven and earth palette on the outer half of the lid and blended it a little in the crease I then just smudged a mixture of 'darkhorse' and 'creep' from the original Urban Decay naked palette across the upper and lower lashlines in kind of a messy fashion to give it quite an 'undone' finish, I popped a bit of Barry M dazzle dust in the shade 932 in the tear duct and added a couple of coats of L'oreal false lash telescopic mascara and got this lovely warm bronze smokey look that's really wearable for the daytime with the rest of the make-up being kept quite minimal... I just used Bourjois healthy mix radiance reveal foundation, Collection lasting perfection concealer on my horrendous under eye circles and delightful nose redness, benefit Hoola bronzer to contour a bit of a flush of little mix for Collection Perrie blush and ELF mineral lip liner in the shade 'peachy' all over the lips, oh I also filled in my brows using the Seventeen 'brows that' kit and I just realised that doesn't sound too minimal at all but it is I promise haha ;) 

What are your favourite product's for multi tasking? 

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Bronze eyes for Spring: Rosie Huntington Whiteley inspired

Hello there my loves! I thought today I would pop up a post on what I have been pretty much religiously wearing on my eyes for the past couple of weeks. I was inspired by a picture of the delicious Rosie H-W while sorting through my old magazines, this was actually from ELLE 2012 but Bronze eye make-up is definitely on trend for this spring and I personally can't get enough especially since I have been very good at bothering to fake tan recently and I love the combination of tanned skin with Bronze eyes!

MAC Woodwinked all over the lid
MAC Sable blended through the crease 
MAC Carbon pushed into and blended on upper and lower lash line
MAC Nylon in the inner corner
MAC Bronze under lower lash line 
Loreal false lash telescopic Mascara "Magnetic Black"

I have mainly been pairing up this eye look with a natural dewy base (mainly Bourjois healthy mix radiance reveal), a dusting of Hoola bronzer and a Peachy nude lip (MAC Shy girl) and been good to go for the whole day, I've been finding that this is so versatile as its subtle enough for the daytime yet has just enough of a "smoke" to it that it can be carried on and worn in the evening.

What is your go to look for Spring?