Thursday, 30 July 2015

Review- Crest White Strips 2 hour express!

So after years of waiting for the U.S.A's much loved Crest white strips to magically appear on the shelves in Boots, I finally gave up all hope and decided just to order them online. I did my research as I know there are a lot of fakes out there and don't fancy having all of my teeth fall out/turn green....over exaggerating maybe but I wanted the real deal so I found out about a company called whitestrips4u (link) which is apparently the UK's leading supplier of Crest white strips. I am an impatient soul so I opted for the 2 hour express strips (totally didn't notice the 1hr ones?!?) which supposedly give you a whiter smile that lasts 3 months with just one 2 hour application....

I ordered my strips on the Friday and they were delivered the following Thursday which as the delivery was free I can't complain about, although honestly whenever I order anything online I want it the next day and usually pay for the service because I am that impatient! The strips were delivered unboxed which I am fine with but they came without instructions so before I applied them I had to trawl the web for directions, annoying! Anyway as it turns out the only directions you really need in terms of application are, peel, apply, reveal!

So you get an upper and lower strip in each packet, they apply really easily you just press them onto your teeth then there is a little excess which you fold around the backs of your teeth keeping them secure, make sure not to brush your teeth right before application as the ingredients in toothpaste can interfere with the whitening solution. I found them pretty comfortable to wear, comparable to wearing a gum shield. 

I had read in the reviews that a lot of people experienced a burning sensation on the gums while wearing the strips I felt nothing at all but was curious as to why this happens, fortunately for my curiosity I work at a dental practice and the dentist said that may be something to do with how they brush their teeth/gums, not to get all technical or anything some people brush in a backwards/forwards motion which can damage gums as opposed to small circular motion which is less likely to cause abrasions on the gums so the solution in the strips is less likely to cause irritation whilst wearing the strips.

Anyway after what felt like the longest 2 hours of my life I was a) starving! Top tip: if you are thinking of using these strips then fill your tummy beforehand as a caramel rice cake at dinner time will not cut it! and b) ready for the reveal! The strips are easily removed, after which you are supposed to brush your teeth which I did using the Oral B 3D white luxe toothpaste I also had a quick floss for good measure using the Oral B pro expert premium floss. So to the mirror, apparently the full effect of these particular strips aren't noticeable until 20mins after you remove them but obviously I was going to go straight to the mirror expecting a hollywood smile! OK so maybe my expectations were a little unrealistic but I was happy to see that the stain on my front right tooth was gone and my teeth were noticeably whiter. 

Picture unedited.

Overall my teeth are definitely a shade whiter which is a great result especially for the price I paid (£22.99 for 2 packs) but if I'm honest I personally would have liked the end result to be more noticeable, I'm definitely not aiming for TOWIE or Ross from friends' teeth (lol) but another shade or two whiter and I would have been completely satisfied. 

I think that for someone that already has white teeth and would like a bit of a boost in colour then these work great however for me I just didn't quite get the results I wanted so I'm planning on seeing my dentist for whitening tray impressions asap....I'll keep you informed! ;) 

Have you tried Crest white strips or any other whitening treatments?


Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Five products I will forever repurchase

I believe that I have written about/reviewed each of these products individually in the past, in fact I know that Nars Sheer Glow and 'Alien' have been mentioned approx 657 times each! But as I was sorting through my Make-up drawers fishing out the empties (All of the above have bitten the dust fyi) I decided that I would pop up a very quick post on these in particular and let you know why I will definitely be replacing them! 

*Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua 

Can you see the scuff on the left of the bottle? Yeah, that was where I attacked it with scissors to try and get the very last bit out, didn't work out too well as Chanel evidently do some tough ass packaging but it proves how much I really love it! (or how desperate I was not to have to fork out over thirty quid for a new bottle!)

I love it because it's light but not overly dewy, can be built to a good medium coverage and leaves a velvet finish. I do tend to favour the lightweight formula foundations in Summer and because this has good staying power (even without powder) while still being natural looking it remains a firm favourite.

*Benefit Hello Flawless oxygen WOW

A few years back I had a minor obsession with a foundation called 'light as air' by Jemma Kidd, unfortunately the range was discontinued and this is the closest that I've come to a dupe for it! 
I love this for the reasons that I love the Vitalumiere aqua, it gives the same amount of coverage but it is slightly lighter in consistency (it sits in the middle of mac face and body and VA), and it leaves a more dewy finish on the skin, so although they are similar I do need both!

*NARS Sheer Glow

It needs no introduction really, this has cult status for a reason...I've written, reviewed, and raved about it sooo many times so I'll leave links to those posts below. In a nutshell it is a medium coverage foundation with a satin finish that leaves skin looking flawless! For me it was where the search for the foundation holy grail ended.

read a full review here and some very old posts here and here

*Bourjois Bronzing primer

Supposedly a dupe for the famous Soleil tan de Chanel which I've never tried so can't give an opinion  on that but it's definitely believable what with Bourjois owning Chanel. A whipped mousse style formula that although at first glance looks pretty scary in colour it blends like a dream leaving you with subtly noticeable bronzed skin and a great base for foundation! Another thing to mention is the scent of this is sooo delicious it just smells like a holiday in a pot!!

*Thierry Mugler Alien EDP

It was just in my last post that I mentioned how I wear this perfume 90 percent of the time day and night, it's been out for ages now so I'm sure most of you know what it smells like. It is slightly heavy and more night time appropriate but not so much that it is overbearing to wear during the day although it might be for some. As with the NARS foundation this has been one of my favourites for many years now and I have mentioned it numerous times so I'll link those posts up in case you would like to know more read here and here.

Which products do you always repurchase?

Friday, 24 July 2015

Friday Favourite- YSL Black Opium

I rarely buy perfume for myself, mainly because I wear the same one (Thierry Mugler 'Alien') 90 percent of the time but a couple of months ago while browsing in Boots my Mum led me over to smell this assuring me it was the most amazing scent ever. 

There is a saying 'Mum knows best'.....

This had to go 'straight in my basket' ;) 
Seriously it is stunning, the base notes are vanilla, the top notes black coffee and the heart notes white florals which combined make it so unusual and so beautiful! A sweet yet sexy feminine scent that in my opinion is suited to both day and night time wear, if i had to pick I'd say that as there is a slight heaviness to it (though not overpowering a la the original opium) it is probably a more night time appropriate scent.

I can't finish without giving a tip of my hat to the bottle, .... Black sparkles and Rose Gold, thank you YSL my dressing table totally appreciates the packaging porn!!! 


Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Introducing Baby Finn....

Born at 9:22am 24.06.15 weighing 8lb 5oz <3 

Finn Louie Robinson.
First little outing to see the midwife at 2 days old :) 

Hello world! 
4 months since my last post, lets just say the final months of pregnancy did nothing for my mood, only now 6 days postpartum have I realised what an utter nightmare I must have been for my friends, family, work colleagues etc...oops! 
Anyway since this little man made his very quick entrance into the world (4 hour labour, no pain relief, I'm not bragging there was just no time to drug me up so I made it through by sucking my fist, sounds ridiculous I know but it really helped!) I have noticed my moodiness vanish and I actually like people and things again, phew, I thought I was a lost cause and I'd lost the plot at the grand old age of 30 although I did find myself looking at a snail in the garden the other day and thinking "I love snails" not sure I've ever had much affection for snails before so maybe I'm just on a baby high!

As I said we have been home for 6 days now and it has been the best week of my life, tough at times, but more than worth every single second and touch wood we have a very content little man on our hands and he is very pleased to meet you all! 


Proud Daddy! Just born, they will soon learn to get that stupid swaddle off me!

First big brother cuddles with Ben! <3
Bump to birth...left 16 weeks- right 40 weeks.

So in love! Need sleep!


Friday, 20 February 2015

A Friday Favourite~ Max Factor Masterpiece Transform Mascara

I never buy high end mascara because there are always such amazing drugstore alternatives that makes splashing the cash on something that lasts only a few weeks before it dries out seem so unnecessary to me. 

I have my favourites from L'oreal (telescopic) and Bourjois (volume one second) but if I'm ever stuck at a mascara loose end I know I can rely on Max Factor to offer up a winner.

Although I have a slight issue with this one, which I'll get onto in a minute, the MTM has been my go to mascara for the past few weeks because I'm obsessed with how well it volumises, separates and lengthens but doesn't leave a clumpy mess behind even after 2-3 coats the finish is so natural and pretty. It gives the impression that you have been blessed with really long gorgeous lashes and maybe you have applied a quick effortless stroke of mascara before heading out.

OK so as I said it's not totally perfect, the issue I've have with this is how it can get slightly messy when I'm trying to do a 5 minute make-up application at 6:30 am and I end up with more on my lids than my lashes due to the formula being very liquidy and the brush picking up too much product, not so much of a problem really but just a heads up you may want to have a tissue handy for excess product control. (I never have tissues handy hence the need to vent!) ;)

The positives far outweigh that little problem though and I will definitely be repurchasing this, it's a beaut!